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Welcome To Indie Green MarketPlace

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Indie Green marketplace is useful for connecting buyer/s and seller/s, but is also helpful because we handle the payment and processing of any orders, which adds an extra level of security for consumers and assistance for sellers. Generally, online marketplaces will also step in after the purchase if there is a problem that needs to be resolved. Indie Green believes in amazing hospitality, serving others, healthy lifestyle and sustainable living.

Indie Green helps by boosting the city’s economy, fostering community pride, giving the citizens a healthier choice of options, teaching new things, strengthening relationships. The community will benefit from the Indie Green Festival & Marketplace  by helping communities stay connected to their roots, culture, values. It helps people come together and celebrate while learning new and exciting things.

If you have any question or suggestion for us
Please contact us at Indiegreenfest@gmail.com , and we’ll be happy to have you join our journey!